Values and Beliefs

Values and Beliefs

Like many people out there, you may be convinced that what or who you are today is the result of what you have gone through growing up. You feel that you are what you are because of the events that took place in your life, and the people who created or caused those events to happen.

Things happen to people. But those things and events are not what create them. It is how one takes those things, how one handles them that defines the person one becomes. It is your belief that shapes you, and to become a better person, you need to change your damaging belief system.

Value and Belief – The Difference

Our beliefs are what we deem to be true. They could be a set of ideas, concepts and practices that we were taught as children, by our parents, teachers or heads of religion. Values are what we give importance to, based on our belief systems. Everyone has their own set of beliefs, which they accumulate as they grow, based on what they see, hear and think.

Beliefs can be negative or positive. Two people with the same kind of experiences and upbringing may develop two entirely different belief systems, based on how they choose to look at them. When you face a situation, you have a choice. Throughout your life, through every situation you face, you have a choice and that choice determines whether you will become the hero, or end up leading a life you hate.

You Can Change Your Belief

The good news here is that your belief system is not set in stone, and with a bit of effort, it can change. Limiting beliefs are created when you generalize every situation. For instance, a person who has failed in several endeavours in life may end up believing that he or she is a failure and can never get anything right. This is a limiting and dangerous belief that prevents one from growing.

With Let’s Live life coaching, you can

  • Identify and differentiate between empowering and destructive beliefs that you have developed
  • Identify the consequences you have to face because of these beliefs
  • Get rid your dis-empowering beliefs
  • Create new, empowering beliefs that motivate and inspire you to get better

Let’s-Live life coaches are trained in NLP techniques which enables them to help you change at a deeper neurological level, and change how you see life.

Remember, you always have a choice. So call us today and learn more about becoming a life coach.

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